Zero Track

Zero Track

This new system of profiles for surface installation is characterized by its reduced dimensions, providing a minimalist aesthetic which is highly appreciated in various architectural spaces. For non-accessible ceilings, the system has integrated dimmable power supplies, controlled by 1-10V broadcast control systems.
Available remote power supplies dimmable through 1/10V, DALI and Casambi Broadcast systems. Surface feeding unit available with 1/10V protocol. Casambi system available for individual bluetooth dimming of each light unit through the app FLOS Control® powered by Casambi for
mobile (available on Apple Store and Google Play). The system of extruded aluminum tracks up to 3 meters in white, black, deep brown bronze and chrome.
They are equipped with electric tracks supporting 24Vdc
power supplies.

Zero track ATOM 200 WHITE 1950 X1950ZERO TRACK00006ZERO TRACK00003Zero track ATOM 90 CHROME 1950 X1950ZERO TRACK00007Zero Track Find Me Suspension Blanco 1950x1950
Zero track ATOM 90 ANODIC ICE 1950 X1950Zero track ATOM 90 BLACK 1950 X1950ZERO TRACK00009ZERO TRACK00004ZERO TRACK00001Zero track ATOM 90 DEEP BROWN 1950 X1950
Zero Track
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