Presented: BAU 2015, Munich
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Product description

With the Kneipp hose, VOLA has created an essential element for effective hydrotherapy in a spa environment. The 22 mm hose aperture produces a generous but soft current of cold water that is immediately cooling on the skin. Enveloping the bather like a fresh mountain stream, it soothes the mind and energises the system.

For therapeutic effectiveness, the hose is guided from the peripheral parts of the body inwards towards the heart. For example, the flow may be directed onto one leg and then guided laterally upwards to the centre of torso. Kneipp hydrotherapy regulates blood pressure and enhances circulation. It also encourages cell regeneration and strengthens the immune system.

To its long history of stylish, innovative and effective designs, VOLA has now added two spa products that exemplify the quality, craftsmanship and consistency for which it is known. Two products to grace any luxury bathroom retreat – where quietness and meditation combine with ultimate physical wellbeing.

The VOLA Kneipp hose 070 W can now be obtained in two colors: in white or in black as a special element of style.

Diameter 250 mm
Type of construction of fittings wall version
Material stainless steel
chrome steel
Colors chrome

Vola, Denmark

Aarhus Arkitekterne

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