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Lots of people are fed up with the archetypal symbols of good taste that make so many boardrooms and conference spaces look identical. And what’s more, the longer people spend in meetings, the greater their need for more dynamic movement and agility in the seating to keep body and mind alert and on the ball. This applies to traditional conference rooms and executive offices in particular because agile working and conference methods with high levels of interaction are increasingly required of today’s leaders.

Which is why the new Intra conference chair comes with precision-adjustable height and exceptional technology so that the area people sit on and the backrest tilt adapt synchronously to movements and adjust automatically to their weights. Users simply sit down, adjust the seating height and their body and chair do the rest.

And in terms of its form, Intra also sets new standards. It translates the look of a high-quality conference chair from a traditionally prestigious to a modern and dynamic design language. The attractive and embracing seat shell with its classy armrests, the organic shapes with the high-quality materials fusing into one another, the exclusive upholstery with its distinctive stitching on the backrest and the synchro-adjustment mechanism controls virtually concealed in the seat and armrests indicate modern management culture at its best. The combination of dynamic form and function predestines Intra to be both a conference chair and lounger as well as a smart option for modern executive offices.

Intra will be launched with glides or castors, a compact, medium-height and high backrest, each with seat cushioning and fully upholstered backrest, with aluminium frames and armrests that are bright chrome-plated or with a textured matt finish and optional leather armrest pads. The covers from the first-class fabric and leather collection open up a broad range of design options for interior designers to highlight different settings.

Intra can be ordered and supplied from January 2019.

Seat finishwith upholstery
Base finishwith star shaped base
with castors
Backrest finishwith backrest
with back padding
Armrest finishwith armrests

Wilkhahn, Germany

Phoenix Design

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