Sola Swivel Chair

Presented: Orgatec 2014, Cologne | Year of design: 2014 | Design: Justus Kolberg
Sola Swivel Chair

Sola - a conference chair that rocks

In typical Wilkhahn tradition, conference chair Sola fuses innovative comfort with crisp design and a classy appeal. The linear shape of the seat shell and the distinctive lines of the aluminium frame define its aesthetic. The slender seat shell is cleverly swivel-mounted at the front and connected with the V-shaped bearer at the back by two pressure springs. As a result, the chair rocks back and forward comfortably.

Sola’s a conference task chair which immediately stands apart for its distinctive form. Viewed from the front, the cushioned moulded plywood seat shell (covered at the back) looks expansive, but its profile is slender. The frame appears to continue seamlessly from the star base to the centre column to the V-shaped support at the front. Then it seems to change direction and culminate in the backward sloping armrests.

The seat shell is swivel-mounted at the front. At the back it’s positioned with two coated pressure springs, just like shock absorbers, on the V-shaped bearer. The result is superb, adjustable sprung comfort and a rocking capability. This is a healthy, refreshing feature, particularly when meetings take longer than expected.

The frame, materials and craftsmanship are examples of first-class precision and quality. The curved sections and edges are pleasant to touch and attractive to look at. This attention to detail is also clear in the cushioning. Covers can be chosen from the especially high-quality options available in Wilkhahn’s fabric or leather collections. The frame is optionally polished or coated in a black or matt silver satin finish.

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