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The Timetable family is considered the origin of all mobile flip-top tables that nest into one another. Thanks to its perfect combination of a superb aesthetic and sophisticated functionality, it’s still in a class of its own today. This predestines it for flexible use across all an organisation’s levels of hierarchy and throughout job roles: from the project office to seminar areas to the multipurpose management conference room. And it’s more up to the minute than ever before: in change processes, furniture that encourages staff to set it up themselves, get involved and be on the ball are key ways of developing innovations and cultivating the ability to change.

Timetable Lift opens up new opportunities. These tables aren’t just mobile, combinable and nest compactly into one another, they also offer more flexibility by allowing people to sit and stand, which is both a healthy and creative option. Their height is electrically adjustable from 73 cm to 139 cm. At the touch of a button, normal desk heights can be precision adjusted to adapt to a range of heights to allow different dynamic perching options all the way to actual standing height. Table formats of 150 cm x 75 cm to 200 cm x 100 cm make Timetable Lift ideal for compact hot desking spaces, scalable seminar and project rooms and flexible meeting and presentation areas for a range of working methods. All sizes and types of usage are designed to nurture agility: the tables are compact to stow away, wheel in as required, easy to set up in one step and adjust to the right height at the touch of a button.

Technical sophistication: optionally with a cable or battery
The table comes with an electronic control, which is mounted underneath the table top alongside the three-metre-long supply lead and cable mesh. If it’s required to be mobile and not depend on a power supply, the table can also be fitted with a lithium ion battery, which is slotted into a clip. The capacity of 2.2 Ah is enough to operate the table for a day and the battery can be recharged overnight. An LED charge indicator and acoustic signal to prompt users to recharge ensure it’s always ready to go. The knob to adjust the height is flush with the table top and sensors in the telescopic columns guarantee nothing can get caught in them. The table top’s pivoting mechanism is triggered by a horizontal pull rod. It engages automatically in a horizontal and vertical position.

Hard-wearing to sophisticated finishes
The die-cast aluminium base (coated, polished or bright chrome-plated), the centre underframe and the telescopic pedestal (coated black or in a silver satin finish) reflect the superior elegance of the Timetable family. The Timetable range’s four types of lipping and all Wilkhahn’s laminates and veneers are also available so that the design can be adapted to all purposes: from a project office requiring hard-wearing materials or for a sophisticated wooden look and feel to creative executive spaces.

From a mobile standing-sitting table to a vertical board
This range of models is particularly versatile because the table top’s made of a special shiny-white laminate, which can be written on with drywipe pens. The table top then becomes a whiteboard, which, when horizontal, is very practical to write on and can be flipped up to a suitable height as a display. With 55 - 80 inch display diagonals, the models are then also ideal as projection screens. The surface can be made magnetic on request. Consequently, Timetable Lift is a multipurpose tool for creative and strategy development spaces.

The Timetable Lift models are available from January 2019.

Table finishtable with glider base
with wheels
Table top shaperectangle with rounded corners
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