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Only the perfect combination of design, technology and functionality leads to high-quality results. This is proven by Laufen’s new Therm concealed thermostatic mixers with two controls. The compact design mixers integrate aesthetically into purist bathrooms and, thanks to the high-quality materials, can be adjusted very precisely.

The understated text décor of the Therm thermostatic mixer is created using solid metal, and is available in the “Twin” round form language, or the horizontal and perfectly-formed “City” line. Each model is available with either one or two mixed water outlets. The ergonomic controls for the temperature and flow settings with integrated dimmer are also made in solid metal and can be adjusted conveniently and precisely. The compact control cartridge can supply more than 20 litres of water per minute if required. So the relaxing bubble bath can be prepared in no time at all.

The thermostatic mixers feature a child-friendly stop button, which limits the temperature to 38°C. Only when a control is simultaneously pressed and turned will the water temperature rise. In addition they maintain the set temperature throughout the entire length of the shower, effortlessly compensating for temperature variations in the water pipes.

Easy installation thanks to Simibox
Installation of the concealed thermostatic mixers takes place using Simibox or Simibox Light. The Simibox Light is available with or without a stop valve. This is automatically included in the Simibox Standard. The stop valve ensures that maintenance work can be carried out quickly and easily, without the need to interrupt the water supply for the entire building. The Simibox Standard also offers the option of reversing the inlets and outlets, and to correct the position by 5° after installation. The functional unit without diverter is suitable for use in uncomplicated shower solutions. If, however, two water outlets are planned, for example a combination of hand spray and rain shower, or hand spray and bath faucet, then the diverter version is necessary. For baths which are filled by a tub inlet, Laufen also offers a version with a security mechanism, the so-called pipe interrupter. When a bath is filled by means of an outflow and overflow set with an inflow function, or hydrojets, the water inlet may be located under the water surface at times. In this situation the pipe interrupter ensures that the dirty water cannot flow back into the tub if there is a fault in the bath inflow function.

Assembly modeone hole
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Laufen, Switzerland

Andreas Dimitriadis

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