Classics of today and tomorrow

ClassiCon was founded in order to secure as wide a distribution as possible for high-quality design. We demand utmost originality, functionality and timeless aesthetics independent of fashionable trends. Of prime importance is not the style but the formal quality. ClassiCon is therefore always open to new design ideas. We frequently work together with young designers since ideas are more important to us than the degree to which the creator is famous.

Thus established classics become the inspiration to young designers and the catalyst in an ongoing process of innovation. In spite of the responsiveness to style pluralism we, however, refuse directions in design in which functionality comes second to merely pleasing.A renunciation of decorative exuberance, lavishness and with that, the squandering of resources, is important to us. Since we see design as a universal world language we are very concerned about crossing not only formal but also geographical borders. As a result products from designers from all over the world are found in our collection.

Quality as Marking Guarantee

The Classic Collection of furniture is all indelibly marked and consecutively numbered. This ClassiCon signature provides a guarantee that only top-quality materials and methods are used in the production, and that every piece of furniture has passed strict quality control. It offers the assurance that each limited edition is an authentic replica of the original, made with the consent of the holders of the rights. The numbered and marked pieces are collector's items. They are masterpieces not only of yesterday, but of tomorrow. The primary aim is to produce individual pieces of great originality and perfect form - pieces with the potential to become classics in their own right one day.


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