Graph Table

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Graph Table

01 product description

Product description

The Graph table perfectly reflects the design of the Graph chair. On the table frame the aluminium under frames echo the sloping die-cast aluminium legs and their curved and flat look. As a result light lines appear consistently on the table frame, lending the frame a seamless appearance. The large spans also create an impression of elegance where gravity seems almost suspended. The table appears to be a stand-alone design, although the frame is based on a modular system to enable a variety of different tabletop shapes and formats. This effect is enhanced by the asymmetrically curved table edges with narrow borders and the rounded corners of the table. The slender-looking tabletops offer pleasant haptics that are also found in the chair's armrests. The tabletops are attached using steel core panels on the under frames, producing generously sized tabletop overhang. In addition to a sense of visual elegance, this solution allows plenty of leg room and space to stretch out.

02 dimensions/weight

overall dimension  
1200 mm, 2300 mm
1200 mm, 5400 mm

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