Graph executive chair

Year of design: 2016 | Design: Jehs + Laub
Graph executive chair

Designers Markus Jehs and Jürgen Laub came up with the Graph chair and table series. And it’s hard to think of another range that has caused quite such a stir in the world of exclusive conference furniture. In production since March 2012, it has been continually developed and attracted major international design prizes. But although expert opinion is crucial, ultimately it’s the customers’ response that really counts. To date, 12,000 of the luxurious chairs have been sold. Its fans come from all different industries and all continents and number real-estate developers in Australia to major banks in Japan, to consultancies and industrial companies in Europe and the US.

Although Graph chairs look seamless, they have a modular structure with frame, seat and backrest connected via the armrests. As a result, just a few modifications are required to produce different model designs. Therefore, it seemed logical to respond to requests for a model with precision-adjustable height that could be used in executive offices too. The designers created a five-star base which complies with current anti-tilt standards. It’s made of die-cast aluminium with load-dependent-braking twin castors. At the same time, the angle of the five legs was reduced to allow more space for the swivel-mounted column which is adjustable via the gas lift. Just a few modifications were required to integrate the height-adjustment mechanism with the Y-shaped seat bearer. And the lever looks as stylish as a long espresso spoon. An extra mechanism for the seat wasn’t needed. In combination with the plush, sprung upholstery, the elastic connectors at the front and the leaf spring at the back provide superbly comfortable flexibility anyway.

Graph Executive Chair 2
Graph Executive Chair 3
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