Graph 304/5 with high backrest

Presented: Stockholm Furniture Fair 2012, Stockholm | Year of design: 2012 | Design: Jehs + Laub
Graph 304/5 with high backrest

How do you design a conference chair to suggest appealing comfort but to symbolise distinctiveness and clarity at the same time? And finally, how can it offer flexible comfort without evoking office chairs? A completely new approach was required to interpret the classical values of a conference chair progressively. Also called for was an ingenious way of achieving more comfort in terms of motion without any mechanics. Designers Markus Jehs and Jürgen Laub came up with Graph for Wilkhahn as the impressive solution. It is an innovative family of conference chairs that meets the most demanding of requirements. The name stands for the graphical design process as well as the clarity of the chair's appearance.

Graph 3045 With High Backrest 3Graph 3045 With High Backrest 2Graph 3045 With High Backrest 5
Stylepark Wilkhahn Graph RangeGraph 3045 With High Backrest 4Graph 3045 With High Backrest 6
Graph 304/5 with high backrest
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  • Graph 304/5 with high backrest


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