Graph Iconic Edition

Year of design: 2021 | Design: Jehs + Laub
Graph Iconic Edition

For the anniversary edition, the designer duo jehs+laub has taken the play of contrasts to the subject of upholstery. Even the standard upholstery stands apart for its perfectly stitched covers and frame fully fitted with foam, extra padding and wave springs. These details are normally only encountered in exclusive upholstered furniture. The combination of the two elastic Powerjoint supports at the front and the supporting leaf springs at the back generates springy comfort in all directions.
For the Iconic Edition, upholstery foam, laminated on both sides, is added to part of the seat and backrest cover. Stylish, diamond-shaped top stitching is used to sew the foam to the cover. Due to all the many, three-dimensional mini cushions, the upholstery offers superior comfort. It also lends the chair a unique appearance and the centuries-old top stitching method adds a touch of luxurious quality. And together with the elegant, iconographic shape of the chair, the result is a seminal symbol with an aesthetic all of its own.

Graph iconic edition 304 7 schraeg Rollen HoehenverstellungGraph Iconic 8215Graph iconic edition 304 8 schraeg Active Machanik RollenGraph iconic edition schraeg 304 5 4 Stern GleiterGraph iconic edition 304 6 frontal Fuenfarm mit RollenGraph iconic edition schraeg 4 Stern RollenGraph iconic edition 304 7 frontal Rollen Hoehenverstellung
Graph Iconic 8232Graph iconic edition 304 6 schraeg rechts 5 Arm mit RollenGraph Iconic8209Graph Iconic 8213Graph iconic edition 304 5 frontal 4 Stern GleiterGraph iconic edition 304 6 schraeg Fuenfarm Rollen
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