FLOOR and more® hollow floors

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Product description

This easy-to-lay, dry flooring system features a jointless surface and can be used just one day after installation. Suitable for use in entrance halls and atriums as well as in offices and factory buildings - can be adapted to suit all needs.

Benefit from additional space during the construction phase:
- Easy-to-lay dry flooring system
- Ready to use after one day
- Space for electric and computer installations
- Jointless surface
- High level of fire and sound proofing
- Additional functions such as heating and ventilation
- Environmentally friendly construction method

FLOOR and more® power can withstand the heaviest of strains
During manufacture we vary the load-bearing capacity and strength of materials to suit individual project requirements. FLOOR and more® power demonstrates additional resilience which is not only ideally suited for production facilities but also for showrooms, museums and libraries.

Product features
- Special panel composition
- Strengthened pedestals
- Stringers are not required
- Safe for driving over with heavy motorised lifting apparatus

FLOOR and more® arena - system floor for elevated cultural demands
FLOOR and more® arena is the foundation for building tiered levels in theaters and concert halls. The flexible floor system adjusts to any type of installation thanks to the unique calcium sulphate planks which combine low system weight with high load-bearing capacity.

Product features
- Non combustible, A1 material, with high load-bearing capacity
- Floor plenum can be modified for ventilation purposes
- Quick installation thanks to high degree of prefabrication
- Substructure and planks from in-house production

FLOOR and more® comfort creates a feel-good atmosphere.
FLOOR and more® comfort creates a pleasant environment for the occupier. Intelligent heating and cooling systems incorporated into the floor panels regulate the interior climate perfectly - both in summer and winter. The system offers integrated, high-performance under floor heating with good heat reflection. In addition FLOOR and more® comfort generally operates with a low flow temperature, thus saving energy - simple, efficient yet ensuring a comfortable living and working environment. Architects can also enjoy more design freedom: radiators are unnecessary, extending the planners' scope when designing the interior layout for foyers and premium quality office space. FLOOR and more® comfort can also be installed at an impressively low floor height and is especially lightweight.

Image 3: © Dirk Schoenmaker,, Das Musiktheater am Volksgarten.
Image 8: © Patrick Tournebœuf

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