Neos 181/71 Swivel Chair

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People differ and so does their physique: there are basket ball giants, featherweights and heavyweights . Ideally, what everybody wants is an office chair to provide an equal level of support and optimal seated comfort.

The concept of Neos therefore consistently follows the principle of "sitting without a driving licence", which has been a guiding principle at Wilkhahn for over 25 years:
* with the simplest and most intuitive operation of all adjustment functions, such as seat height, backrest height, armrest position and adjustment to accommodate the user's weight
* with synchronous adjustment of the generous, resilient back shell ensuring conformity with individual body types
* and with automatic promotion of frequent changes in posture to keep muscles, metabolism and circulation in good shape.

Two paddles and a conveniently located crank handle make it child's play for the user to adjust Neos while remaining seated. All functions are integrated in a calm, pleasant and self-explanatory form for optimal seated comfort and design appeal. This goes to show that ergonomics is invariably a question of aesthetics too.

Infinitely variable swivel chair, allowing intuitive operation, with synchro-adjustment mechanism for maximum ergonomic benefit. When the user leans back, the backrest tension increases according to the need for additional support.

Five-star base in glass fibre-reinforced polyamide, through-dyed in black-grey, optionally in die-cast aluminium, polished or bright chromium-plated. Twin wheel swivel castors in glass fibre-reinforced polyamide, through-dyed in black-grey, with load-dependent braking . With additional grey soft lining in polyurethane for hard floors. Visitor's chairs feature glides in black-grey polyamide (for soft floors) or in polyurethane (for hard floors).

Automatic synchro-adjustment
Pressure spring mechanism with swing plates and sliding seat bearer provide a back-to-seat angle range from 90° - 117°. When the user leans back, the seat platform shifts from a 2° forward tilt in the forward seat position and the backrest tilt lowers in the maximum back position by up to 14°. An integrated, conveniently located crank handle allows infinitely variable adjustment.

Resilient, contoured seat shell, easily exchangeable, in black-grey through-dyed polypropylene with pelvic support and seat in covered, air-permeable one-piece moulded polyurethane foam. The seat has a waterfall front to relieve pressure on thighs. To adjust seat depth (optional feature), lift the seat platform at the front and pull it out to select required depth in eleven positions ranging from 375 to 425 mm.

Double-shell polyamide backrest with integral swing arms in polyamide with tactile outer shell in black-grey through-dyed, polypropylene, with optimum concavity in the lumbar region.

Intuitively adjustable 3D armrests in black-grey through-dyed, glass fibre-reinforced polyamide with resilient yet tactile armrest pad in polyurethane. Height adjustable by up to 100 mm in eleven positions controlled by an activator button located on the inside of the armrest. By applying gentle pressure, the armrest pads are adjustable in depth by up to 50 mm in six positions and can be pivoted 30° inwards or outwards in two positions to adjust to individual body proportions.

Width654 mm
Height830 - 950 mm
Seat finishwith upholstery
Seat functionsadjustable seat height
Width of seat460 mm
Height of seat400 - 520 mm
Base finishwith castors
Base functionswith gas shock
Backrest finishwith backrest
Backrest functionswith lordosis support
Armrest finishwith armrests
Armrest functionsheight adjustable
Height of armrests590 - 690 mm
Materialpolymide / nylon (PA)
Colorsshades of orange
shades of red
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Wilkhahn, Germany


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