imm cologne

The international furniture fair is the start of the year and a meeting place for designers, manufacturers and retailers. Every two years, the LivingKitchen and Pure Architects formats rotate. Stylepark accompanies the fair with popular events, exciting interviews and extensive reporting.

imm cologne 2024

About the strength of the community, floor-level seating, voluminous upholstery and new opportunities.

imm cologne 2020

From well upholstered seating, the new joy of outdoor furniture and innovative lighting solutions.

imm cologne 2019

A year under the sign of the Bauhaus anniversary: Paired with LivingKitchen, the imm cologne 2019 finally returns with real statements to Cologne. The new furniture year is defined by the courage to go for colour, form and self-portrayal.

imm cologne 2018

The year of joyful normality: Everyday reality returns with the imm cologne 2018 and its new companion Pure Architects. Lucie Koldova's "Das Haus" focuses on the topic light. The majority of exhibitors remains risk-averse.

imm cologne 2017

Noble and colourful - the new exclusivity: Marble, velvet and shiny brass, in addition to a strong portion of colourfulness and abundant mirror surfaces, provide for sophisticated moments in Cologne - while at the same time the LivingKitchen is completely digitised.