Catifa 60 - 4 ways lounge

Product description

Lounge chair with 4 way central base, in polished aluminum, available in the swivel version (Art. 2139) or with return mechanism (Art. 2140), also fitted with steel or upholstered armrests. The polyurethane shell with low backrest is upholstered in leather, faux leather, fabric or customer’s fabric.

Width 740 mm
Height 655 mm
Depth 740 mm
Seat finish with upholstery
Height of seat 370 mm
Depth of seat 700 mm
Base finish with star shaped base
Backrest finish with back padding
Armrest finish without armrests
Height of armrests 590 mm
Functions rotatable
Material leather (unspecified)
imitation leather
textiles (unspecified)
Colors black
shades of yellow
shades of orange
shades of red
shades of violet
shades of blue
shades of green
shades of grey
shades of brown
shades of beige
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