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Designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, Meety borrows its visual language from the architecture of the bridge: strong but lightweight, supportive but with room for air. Meety’s distinctive aluminum legs provide a sturdy foundation to suspend multiple tabletop options that can be customized to suit diverse contexts. For large group gatherings or the intimacy of home life, Meety’s elegant system has an option to suit any need: a soft, fluid boat shape imparts warmth and openness while the trapezoid tabletop shape can be arranged to meet the myriad demands of the workplace.

New for 2017, Meety’s dynamic system expands even further with new finishes and customizations. Thick and substantial smoked glass tabletop options in round or boat-shaped shapes telecast understated allure. New satin matt surfaces in Forbo linoleum are now available in Pebble grey, Powder pink and black. A new range of colors for the Fenix laminate top arrive with options in black, white, Beige Luxor, Efeso Grey or Castoro Ottawa and base options in black, white, or anthracite grey to help the archetypal form of Meety seamlessly integrate into any setting. And for the workspace, Meety is now available with technological features to meet the demands of the modern workspace. Possibilities for cable grommets and trays, built-in vertical cable organization and a modesty panel have added contemporary utility to Meety’s timeless silhouette.

• Record Products Award, Architectural Record

Table finishfour-legged table
high-press-laminat (HPL)
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Arper, Italy

Lievore Altherr Molina

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