GREEN wall horizontal incl. ceramic pots

Design: Jean-Marie Massaud


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GREEN wall horizontal incl. ceramic pots

01 product description

Product description

Create an oasis with this multi-faceted room divider and define private, undisturbed spaces for breezy relaxation. Or, generate new space without confinement or limitation,
developing an open sense of seclusion and visual uniqueness through artful simplicity.

An organic structure, Green could hardly be more natural with its logical and unobtrusive design. When enhanced with plants, which instantly make this harmonious design their own, the woven dividers nurture them along to grow and climb, once again bringing you closer to nature - indoors, outdoors, horizontally or vertically.

The possibilities are endless. The combination of several room separators turns anyone into a creative interior and exterior designer who wants to develop his or her very own personal spaces.

Thanks to sturdy braces that are mounted on the floor, GREEN is a durable construction in any outdoor area, even when it is full of plants and the weather is rough. Available in the color of chalk.

02 dimensions/weight

overall dimension  
2130 mm
1260 mm
330 mm
22 kg

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